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Vermilion Collection

Vacant House Tarot

Vacant House Tarot

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Set in 17th-century Europe, the story of VHT unfolds in a desolate castle where lives a young, charming sorceress. The artist looks to capture the drama, grandeur, and theatricality of Baroque art through pencil drawings. His work is characterized by a retro aesthetics, a dynamic interplay of colors and shades, exuberant detailing that enhances the illusion of 3D, and a natural touch of surrealism. 

Product Details

VHT comes in four editions sharing these features:

  • Style: European Baroque
  • System: Rider-Waite-Smith
  • Finish: air-cushioning, punch-pressed underside & eco-friendly, odorless water oiling
  • Quantity: 79 (22 Major Arcana + 56 Minor Arcana + special card "Awakening")
  • Manufacturer: KSPCC
COLOR aqua violet ivory violet
SIZE 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 60 * 90 mm (2.36 * 3.54 inch) 40 * 68.5 mm (1.57 * 2.70 inch)
STOCK 310-GSM Japanese black core paper 310-GSM Japanese black core paper waterproof PVC 310-GSM Japanese black core paper
EDGE silver gilding
BOX STYLE two-piece rigid box tuck box tin box tuck box
GUIDEBOOK included included included not included

*The collection box (limited quantity) is designed to hold VHT Deluxe, Tin, and Mini in place. You may remove the tray inside to use it as a suitcase. It does NOT come with the decks.

About the Artist

Hanawa loves weaving fragments of old times into new stories. Fascinated by vintage art, he exhibits a unique talent in using pencil drawings to express the beauty of roughness and ambiguity – which, in his opinions, speak to the random nature of life.

"True beauty is vague and bewildering, urging us to observe with patience," said Hanawa. "By sharing this tarot, I encourage you to feel the seemingly insignificant bits of love in your life and allow them to wake up your inner awareness."

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