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Vermilion Collection

The Sage Rabbit Tarot

The Sage Rabbit Tarot

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Believe it or not, the rabbit is actually an excellent choice for starring in a tarot deck because in Chinese mythology, it is closely associated with the mysterious energy of the moon. The rabbit is also often portrayed as a clever, quick-thinking, and wise animal in Chinese folklore, hence the name "sage rabbit." Illustrated with soft, colorful brushwork, this deck adheres to the Rider-Waite tradition strictly, in which many surprises await for you to find out!

  • System: Rider-Waite-Smith
  • Size: 57 * 89 mm (2.24 * 3.50 inch)
  • Content: 78 tarot cards + guidebook (in English & Chinese)
  • Creators: Sha "Lisa" Li & Chunbaixue Yang
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