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Vermilion Collection

The Dreams in the Witch House Decision Coins

The Dreams in the Witch House Decision Coins

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Designed by Silver Key Society

Often used alongside tarot and oracle decks, decision/divination coins may help with decision making and guidance seeking in various areas of life. They serve as (1) a means to explore one's own thoughts and feelings; (2) a tool for tapping into one's own intuition and subconsciousness or for seeking guidance from higher powers; (3) a channel through which one reflects on a question and arrives at their own version of truth instead of a definitive universal truth.


These coins are designed to answer "YES/NO" questions. The "Keziah Mason" side represents YES; the "Brown Jenkin" side represents NO. By featuring these two characterful Lovecraftian fascinations, we assign symbolic meanings to the coins, allowing for more in-depth, open-ended interpretation.

The antique plating gives each coin profound authenticity while creating a deeper feeling of immersion and adhering to a natural metal look enriched with details.

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  • Dimension: 40 * 40 * 3 mm (1.57 * 1.57 * 0.12 inch)
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