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Vermilion Collection

Terrorize Playing Cards

Terrorize Playing Cards

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33.33% Chance to get a gilded deck
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Printed by Kingstar

In this deck, you'll find the original illustrations of 12 creatures from 4 bodies of myths and two characters inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. The greedy serpents, malicious sea monsters, cold-blooded undead, ruthless devils... Feel your heart sink in the dark forest... will you survive?

Each deck has either regular edges or gilded edgesThere is a 33.33% chance you get a gilded version (222 gilded decks & 444 standard decks). The outer black plastic sleeves, fully sealed without indicating what type of deck is inside, are virtually mystery boxes. The inner paper tuck box has either a gold tear tape (gilded) or clear tear tape (non-gilded)  so you can tell the difference without opening the seal for the tuck box.
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