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Vermilion Collection

Table Factory concrete desk organizer

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A TABLE: sees the start of an idea.

A FACTORY: brings the idea into life.

A FACTORY on your TABLE: backs the start of your idea,

Together with your team of creative toolkits.

TABLE FACTORY serves as your personal factory where you generate the ideas on your table comfortably.

Aesthetically, TABLE FACTORY abstracts its shape and material from a real factory – home for production. It features a minimal aesthetics of geometric forms and a single shade of cement grey.

As a steady home for production, TABLE FACTORY houses three multi-functional workshops that are designed to accommodate a variety of your team of creative toolkits. No matter your pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, sticky notes, pins, and even your phone, all will find a place in either the tapered chimney, the conveyor belt, and the assembly floor in your TABLE FACTORY.