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Vermilion Collection

Sleepwalker's Tarot

Sleepwalker's Tarot

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"Sunrise" and "Both" Only Ship to US

This is a colorful feminine deck about fear and breakthrough. "Dream" is chosen as its theme because of the author's experience with a recurring nightmare and her consequent obsession with oneirology.

All figures are portrayed with their eyes closed as if sleeping. Less emphasis on their facial expressions grants users more space for interpretation. The artist has added a personal touch to the narrative by using mostly females. She thinks that the feminine tone suits her voice better and could help more women find the deck relatable.

The artist sticks closely to the original meanings of the Rider-Waite Tarot, preserving all the important details and symbolisms to make reading easy. So there's nothing to worry about - you will love this deck for viewing, collection, and cartomancy as well!

Product Details

The Sleepwalker Tarot comes in two editions that represent the beginning and end of a dream and speak to its conflicting nature. Dreams can be warm and empowering like sunshine or ominous and impenetrable like bottomless darkness. Accordingly, the Sunrise Edition preserves sparkling memories in a "keepsake box," while the Twilight Edition initiates a deep dive into the quiet, oceanic subconscious void...

CARDS 78 + "The High Priestess" alternative + "The Hermit" alternative + "Sleepwalker" + "Sober" 78 + "The High Priestess" alternative + "The Hermit" alternative + "Sleepwalker"
SIZE 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 52 * 88 mm (2.05 * 3.46 inch)
STOCK 350-GSM double-coated paper  PVC
FINISH varnishing, embossing varnishing
EDGE matte gold gilding with a pearlescent effect
BOX STYLE book-style rigid box with shoulder
two-piece rigid box with thumb holes
BOX DESIGN anti-scratch matte lamination, hot gold stamping
GUIDEBOOK included included

About the Artist

An independent illustrator, designer, and picture book author, A-Chi is intrigued by astrology, divination, the occult, and horror themes. She had graduated as a concept art major before working full-time as a book project manager for Tencent. Having participated in over a hundred publications, A-Chi began looking for other ways to actualize her artistic pursuit than working in the office. She also hopes to make better use of her experience in production to bring more quality print creations.

The Sleepwalker Tarot is A-Chi's first solo project, taking her three years to complete. She created the deck to toast her reconciliation with her childhood nightmares while encouraging those who haven't done so with the power of tarot.

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