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Vermilion Collection

Sleepwalker Tarot

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Designer: A-CHI
Distributor: Vermilion & SENGIA


The Sleepwalker Tarot is A-Chi's first solo project which took her three years to complete. This exclusively illustrated RWS deck comes in two variations: the Sunrise (regular-size, double copper paper) and the Twilight (pocket-size, PVC) editions.

A-Chi chose "dreams" as the theme because of the aforementioned experience and her standing obsession with oneirology, i.e., the scientific study of dreams.

What first distinguishes the Sleepwalker Tarot is that all characters drawn have their eyes closed as if they are sleeping and dreaming. Less emphasis on facial expressions leaves users more space for interpretation.

Since the deck is largely inspired by her own story, A-Chi has also added a personal touch to the narrative by using mostly female characters. She thinks that the feminine tone suits her creative voice better and could help more female audiences find the deck relatable.

The Artist

An independent designer, illustrator, and picture book author, A-Chi is intrigued by occult studies, divination, and horror themes and came into contact with astrology and tarot reading five years ago. She had graduated as a concept art major before working full-time for Tencent as a book project manager.


Sunrise: Green box, Paper / 78 + 4 cards / 7x12 cm (2.76 x 4.72 inch)
Twilight: Blue box, PVC / 78 + 3 cards / 52 x 88 mm (2.05 x 3.46 inch)