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Vermilion Collection

Silhouettes Tarot 3rd Edition

Silhouettes Tarot 3rd Edition

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Playful, bizarre, and tastefully feminine, this deck is an artful integration of classic RWS imageries with its author Masa Kuzuki's unique aesthetic and understanding of tarot. The design is inspired by paper cutting art. Silhouettes are drawn instead of more explicit figures, allowing for self-guided reading. When viewed against the gradient background, they give off a dramatic, mysterious vibe.

Each card is drawn in two versions as either a positive image ("Moon") or an inverted negative image ("Sun"). Regardless of your choice, we hope to refresh your tarot journey by offering a second perspective.

Product Details

  • System: Rider-Waite-Smith
  • Size: 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch)
  • Cardstock: 300 gsm German black core paper
  • Print: 4-color process
  • Finish: smooth
  • Edge: gold/silver gilding
  • Content: 78 tarot cards + 5 special cards + guidebook
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