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Vermilion Collection

Shining Hexahedron Cthulhu D6 Metal Dice

Shining Hexahedron Cthulhu D6 Metal Dice

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For ages, this mysterious cuboid had lain in the abysmal depths of the Weird Lake of Nowhere. Adorned with the elegant sweep of Arabic numerals and the solemn visage of The Sleeper of R'lyeh, it cradles the answers to all inquiries that any ardent, perplexed mortals might proffer.

In 1961, the cuboid resurfaced in the personal collection of Clark A. Smith at his old residence in Pacific Grove, California. Smith had never unveiled this trove from the prying tongues of his acquaintances. His diary, however, documented a saga of whispered repute: a handful chosen bearing the mantle of arcane wisdom could evoke transmogrification upon the cuboid, thereby accessing higher planes of knowledge – thought at a great cost. Perhaps, as the new harbinger of the cuboid's magic, you shall unravel the mystery yourself...

  • Shape: hexahedron (6 sides)
  • Side Length: 16 mm (0.63 inch)
  • Material: electroplated zinc alloy
  • Packaging: OPP plastic bag, velvet pouch
  • Recommended Uses: divination, collection, games (RPG, etc.)...
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