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Senet: Ancient Egyptian Board Game

Senet: Ancient Egyptian Board Game

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Designed by MOYO

One of the world's oldest known board games, senet has existed as early as 3200 BC. Two players take on the role of deceased souls, navigating through the journey of the afterlife while zigzagging across the Senet board and contesting an invisible opponent: Osiris, god of the afterlife. 

General Procedure

The senet board consists of 30 squares arranged in a 3*10 grid. The last five squares are associated with deities who will invoke protection or hazard upon the soul. Either player has a set of pieces, which they move across the board based on the throw of casting sticks (symbolic of divine will). The main goal is to be the first to bear all their pieces off the board. 


Religious Significance

Senet boards have been found in ancient Egyptian burial sites, including the tomb of Tutankhamun. The evolution of senet from a secular pastime to a representation of cosmic beliefs underscores the ancient Egyptians' tendency to infuse everyday activities with deeper spiritual meanings and their intricate beliefs about death, the afterlife, and the interplay between the mortal realm and the divine. 

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