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Vermilion Collection

Reflections on the Wall Cthulhu Mythos Oracle

Reflections on the Wall Cthulhu Mythos Oracle

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Take heed, for the employment of this mystic artifact must be approached with utmost caution, lest you conjure forth the unspeakable. Engage in its power judiciously, extracting but a solitary card each day. Know this: the misuse of this divinatory instrument may yield disconcerting responses, unsettling the very core of your sanity, leaving it frayed and tattered in the abyss..

Set in the background of H. P. Lovecraft's haunting story, "The Dreams in the Witch House," this oracle carries on the Lovecraftian horror and Dark Fantasy elements recognizable from Mr. Stark's previous works (CMC Tarot & GOP Character Cards) while distinguishing itself through a new level of visual potency.


A vessel of divine inspiration, this oracle offers guidance on how to navigate our natural feelings and emotions. Each of the 40 cards harbors a unique meaning. The truths they impart manifest in an elusive, capricious manner. A myriad of answers unfurl with what each card unveils, intertwining with fresh enigmas that abound.

To harness this tool, one must familiarize oneself with unspeakable terrors and discern their ethereal "reflections" diligently amid the tapestry of mundane existence...

Product Details

The design is rendered in three editions:

SIZE 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch)
STOCK 400-GSM double-coated paper 400-GSM double-coated paper lacquer paint silver foil
FINISH UV coating, air-cushioning matte UV coating, holographic filming gloss UV coating, PET holographic filming, hot foil stamping, embossing
EDGE gold glitter metallic gilding silver glitter metallic gilding
BOX STYLE shouldered flip-top box shouldered flip-top box shouldered flip-top box
BOX DESIGN holographic filming, hot foil stamping (green) holographic filming, hot foil stamping (purple) holographic filming, hot foil stamping (red)
GUIDEBOOK included included included
DECISION COIN antique brass antique copper brass-plated antique silver

* Each deck arrives with a decision coin and a guidebook to facilitate readings. When in doubt, toss the coin for final answers.

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Everything about this Oracle deck was thought through. I absolutely love using this deck