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Vermilion Collection

Puppy Garden Tarot

Puppy Garden Tarot

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Welcome to a fun-loving journey of cultivating your own spiritual garden! Puppy Garden Tarot is a lovely rendition of the Universal Waite Tarot. It stays faithful to the meaningful essence of the UW deck while imparting its wisdom in a more accessible way. Puppies (innocent spirits and natural instincts) and garden (one's inner world) are used as creative media for both translating the original card language and introducing a playful, intimate setting.

Suit System

The four suits of Minor Arcana are equated with four items representative of garden life:

  • Shovels - Wands - creativity, labor
  • Cans - Cups - love, nurturing
  • Pruners - Swords - breakthrough, growth
  • Apples - Pentacles - accomplishment, reward

Product Details

To create a rewarding experience for all, PGT comes in three editions catered to users from those embarking on their first steps to seasoned readers.

PGT Galaxy exemplifies the most refined level of artistry and craftwork. PGT Standard prioritizes the visual experience of reading thereby an uncut view of the artworks. PGT Mini provides a more portable and compact option, allowing for readings on the go and deeper connections with the deck.

SYSTEM Universal Waite Universal Waite Universal Waite
SIZE 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 57 * 95 mm (2.24 * 3.74 inch)
CARDSTOCK 400 gsm C2S paper 350 gsm C2S paper 350 gsm C2S paper
FINISH glossy varnishing matte lamination matte lamination
EDGE holographic gilding
drawer-style box, UV embossing tuck box, UV embossing tuck box, UV embossing
CONTENT 78 tarot cards + "The High Priestess" alternative + 4 special cards + author's autograph + English guidebook 78 tarot cards + 4 special cards + English guidebook 78 tarot cards + 4 special cards
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