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Vermilion Collection

Original Tarot

Original Tarot

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Designer: WohStudio
Distributor: Vermilion

This Rider-Waite-Smith deck adopts a vintage illustration style resembling that of ’90s American comic art. While honoring the original RWS deck, it is enriched with more metaphors and symbolism. The saturated colors generate a sense of completeness, bringing comfort to the eyes. The images are given depth by the smooth transition of colors and careful shading. Finally, the detail-oriented brushwork yields a delicate overall visual effect.

The ancient Celts believed that trees were human ancestors and portals to the spirit world. The Celtic Tree of Life is usually shaped like a sacred pole connecting heaven and earth. It is symbolic of the perfect harmony of all natural forces, which maintains the balance of the universe.

The design is largely inspired by American-style colored drawings and Celtic art. Incorporating ancient symbolisms and vintage colors in a bold fashion, we hope to take users back to a mysterious bygone time. The images are frameless, allowing us to fully depict the details.

- Type: Complete 78-card deck
- Size: 2.75 x 4.75 inches (7 x 12cm)
- Packaging: Tuck box
- Guidebook: None

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