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Vermilion Collection

Naughty Dog & Liquid Cat Playing Cards

Naughty Dog & Liquid Cat Playing Cards

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Featuring exclusive artworks of various kinds of dogs and cats illustrated with animated, cartoonish brushwork, this collection shows off the adorable nature of these little friends of ours; reminds people to appreciate their presence and accompany; and ultimately, aims to raise awareness about the ethical treatment of animals and animal homelessness. 

Having a trendsetting aesthetic among existing poker designs, these children-friendly decks are created for animal lovers of truly all ages as well as anyone who has a taste for a lovely work of excellent craftsmanship and a distinctive style.

Naughty Dog features a Siberian Husky; Liquid Cat features an orange tabby. To include as many breeds as possible, all 54 cards are singly drawn with lively details showing the dogs and cats having fun in day-to-day activities.

Product Features

CARD SIZE 88 x 63 mm (3.46 x 2.48 inch)
CARD STOCK PVC (Naughty Dog), professional-grade casino/master card stock (Liquid Cat)
RECOMMENDED USES entertainment, cardistry, collection

Holographic Editions

BOX DESIGN holographic foil printing, 3D relief laser engraving
SURFACE TREATMENT holographic foil printing, compressed card stock

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