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Vermilion Collection

Mag Mug

Mag Mug

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Designed by MIEZ

Built-In Magnet For Some Easy Fun

The built-in magnet near the mug lip can help in more than one way: to clip a post-it, to hold a tea bag string, or to display an uplifting message for a rough day. We encourage users to explore more creative uses of a familiar item and to break their everyday routines in the hoped return of some refreshment.

Zen-Inspired Minimalist Design: Be Water My Friend

Inspired by research on modern minimalism and Japanese karesansui (“dry garden”), we avoid using any color or shape that could interrupt the perfectly smooth curvature of the mug. The pattern on its bottom resembles water ripples, evoking the "zen of water."

Understated Luxe & Grace of “China Clay”: A Handful Of Precious Earth

The mug is made from raw kaolin native to Dehua County, Quanzhou, Fujian, China. Free of animal bone meal, the kaolin undergoes a second-time firing at a temperature of 1330°C to remove any lead or cadmium, so that it is safe for containing drinking water. Named after the hill in China, kaolin is known for having good light transmittance and exhibiting a pure, gentle glazing color.

Secure, Tasteful & Compostable Gift Packaging

Each mug is snuggly locked and cushioned inside a box made of eco-friendly materials like Kraft paper and corrugated cardboard, in prevention of unwanted damages when the product is in transit.

Product Details

  • Material: raw kaolin
  • Dimension: 124 * 80 * 110 mm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Capacity: 375 ml
  • User Range: for ages 3 & above
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