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Vermilion Collection

Lunar Coffee Mug & Saucer Sets

Lunar Coffee Mug & Saucer Sets

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Handmade by Independent Designer

Inspired by the lunar phases and the mysterious moonlight, "Lunar" captures the subtle yet soulful shades of the deep night sky. As moonlight passes through high and thin clouds, the light is scattered to create a beautiful beam that shines with ethereal beauty.

The design of "Lunar" pays homage to the dynamic interactions between light and dark when the moon is out and the stars are shining. Each piece explores the tactile nature of light as it appears to us on ceramics, glazed in an array of hues.

By applying gradual spraying of color glaze, rather than the divergent halo, the light, and colors come alive – creating a delightful experience for the senses that awakens the soul.

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