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Vermilion Collection

Hastur Q Plush Toys

Hastur Q Plush Toys

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Step into a bewitching world with the adorable Hastur Q! Inspired by The King in Yellow from the depths of Lovecraftian lore, this toy design adds an otherworldly charm to a cuddly companion. Premium materials make it a cherished collector's item that will stand the test of time.

Feel a connection to the cosmic forces as you hold it in your hands. Keep it safely close - Hastur Q is perfect for Lovecraftian fans, horror enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a touch of mystery in their lives.

* Choose to bring home Hastur Q (0 0), Hastur Q (> <), or both!

  • Height: 11~12 cm (4.33 ~ 4.72 inch)
  • Materials: crystal velvet, down cotton
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