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Vermilion Collection

Green Trace Tarot

Green Trace Tarot

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Designed by Toofer & Nimo Studio

Venture into the verdant vistas of self-discovery with this forest-themed RWS deck that whispers an enchanting tale as you shuffle and draw. Each card contributes to a greater narrative woven with the author’s fantasies and your own revelations.


The story begins when The Fool decides to embark on a quest for life’s purpose. He is set out to meet strange creatures: a wisdom-spouting snake guru (The Hermit), a contemplative owl (The Hanged Man), a woman bathed in the allure of fluttering moths (The High Priestess)... By turning such valuable bonds and memories into nutrients, The Fool ultimately grows into a magnificent tree, marking the fulfillment of his destiny.


Visually, this deck is a celebration of the verdant hue, a symbol of life and nature. This unifying theme of green paints each card with a vibrant, whimsical energy. The Minor Arcana springs to life with each suit represented by animals that echo its symbolic essence: (1) Wands - Fire - Birds (2) Cups - Water - Snakes & Lizards (3) Swords - Air - Moths & Butterflies (4) Pentacles - Earth - Land-Dwelling Beasts.

Product Details

  • System: Rider Waite Smith
  • Size: 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch)
  • Cardstock: 310 gsm Japanese black core paper
  • Packaging: base-and-lid rigid box
  • Content: 78 tarot cards + English guidebook
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Customer Reviews

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I'm so grateful this deck exists!

I love this deck so much and I can't wait for the next installment in the Seven Color series that the author intends to make. I just wish that both ending cards from the Chinese version were included, they could be used for different readings. <3

I felt so drawn to this deck and I was fighting with myself whether I should buy it or not, I know I made the right choice when I did the interview because I realized that this deck represents my current journey and what I struggle with. The more I found out about the story and endings of the original editions the more this became obvious too. What a wild synchronicity! I'm keeping this deck for the rest of my life.