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Vermilion Collection

Gaze of the Pantheon Cthulhu Mythos Character Cards

Gaze of the Pantheon Cthulhu Mythos Character Cards

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In Collaboration with Silver Key Society

Distinguished by its vibrant color scheme, exquisitely detailed portrayal, and exciting cinematic feel, GOP focuses on visualizing the eeriest, most grotesque, and most imaginative creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos and spreading knowledge about their legendary existences.

Regular Deck

The Regular Deck has 40 bordered cards, featuring H. P. Lovecraft, Clark A. Smith, August W. Derleth, and 39 Mythos creatures.

  • Size: 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch)
  • Stock: 400-GSM double-coated paper
  • Finish: oil varnishing
  • Edge: metallic gilding
  • Packaging: two-piece rigid box

Flash Deck

The Flash Deck has 54 borderless cards and a special design card, featuring the above-mentioned authors and 53 Mythos creatures. (*The text is rendered in Chinese fonts.)

  • Size: 63 x 88 mm (2.48 x 3.46 inch)
  • Stock: 400-GSM double coated paper
  • Packaging: two-piece rigid box

Four types of finishes are applied on different parts of the cards as sealants to enhance protection and aesthetics:

  • Laser Foil Film >> holographic effect
  • Linen Finish >> embossed texture: has a light-refracting property that balances out unwanted gloss; adds a classy tactile feel; reduces friction for better handling;
  • Matte Finish >> lower reflectivity: improves the visibility of the graphics
  • UV Varnish >> magical, luxurious sheen!

Collector's Box

The Collector’s Gift Set include a special design gold foil card and a bullion (copper & bronze, 70 * 120 * 4 mm / 2.76 * 4.72 * 0.16 inch, 210 g / 7.41 oz) in addition to the two decks.

*** A full-color pamphlet (English & Chinese) is included, which introduces 40 characters featured in the Regular Deck. ***

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Customer Reviews

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Although this is just a deck of character art cards the set is still something to behold. It’s fun to look through and read the accompanying guidebook to see what extra can be learned of the mythos.