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Vermilion Collection

Garden of Eden Playing Cards

Garden of Eden Playing Cards

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Illustrated by Mori

In Abrahamic religions, the Garden of Eden is the terrestrial paradise where Adam and Eve first lived. A symbol of untouched beauty, it is known for the forbidden fruit leading to humanity’s fall. It’s often depicted as lush, verdant, and teaming with life, embodying innocence and harmony.

Inspired, Mori tries to capture the ethereal essence of life, death, and human desires in the surrealistic grotesquery of these decks. The artwork incorporates such familiar biblical motifs as goats, snakes, owls, fountains, flames, trees, thorns, apples, grapes, and skeletons. The court cards, collectively, depict a sequential tale that resonates with the Edenic vision.

Product Details

The collector's box contains both "GARDEN OF EDEN" and "LOST PARADISE."

  • Size: 63 * 88 mm (2.48 * 3.46 inch)
  • Cardstock: black core paper
  • Finish: textured, air-cushioned
  • Manufacturer: KSPCC

smooth pressed holographic gilded
PACKAGING tuck box drawer-style box
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