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Vermilion Collection

Gambling with Outer Gods Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards

Gambling with Outer Gods Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards

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On those deadly silent nights, do you ever speculate that we are all stuck in a gamble, destined to lose? Watched by some unspeakable existences, peace is nothing but an illusion to conceal the rioting chaos. All victories are momentary, and life advances to deteriorate. Could it be that everything we think we know – be it a strange encounter or our own consciousness; a spectacle or a traumatic moment; a gain or a loss – nothing but the gods' shuffle?

Product Design

By carefully marrying Lovecraftian horror with the long-standing tradition of poker, this collection speaks to the underlying connections between card games and the Cthulhu mythopoeia. Including four decks of different colors, makings, and uses, it is more than a novelty entertainment but a highly usable, artistic treat for beginners, seasoned players, aficionados, and collectors alike.

* Chips and buttons are available for purchase.

Face Cards

Each court card and ace card features the custom illustration of a Lovecraftian deity.

  • ♠ Outer Gods roaming the universe and watching from the galaxy. Will they send down power or destruction?
  • ♥ Elder Gods who once protected mankind but now live as ignoble existences between dreams and reality. Will they still answer our callings?
  • ♣ Great Old Ones sunken in sleep, who came to earth from time immemorial, remained dormant in different parts of the world. When will they awake, and what happens when they do?
  • ♦ Devils walking amongst men, who are responsible for the critical moments in mankind's history and truly just different manifestations of the same evilness. What conspiracy are they plotting this time?


two Texas Hold'em decks with the following features:

  • ONE SET TWO DECKS: For improving game efficiency, it is customary to use two decks in Texas Hold'em, so that the next dealer is always shuffled up and ready.
  • JUMBO INDEX: Enlarged numbers and suit symbols allow for a clear sight of the community cards from any position around the table.
  • HANDLING & PRESENTATION: The card front is textured with a matte finish for better tactility. The smooth underside helps cards slide perfectly across any surface.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL FOR PROLONGED ENTERTAINMENT: The PVC cards are waterproof and bend-resistant. They can withstand liquid stains, smears, finger marks, and most residues to maintain a fresh look and feel in hands.

Paper DUO

two cardistry-grade decks with the following features:

  • ONE DESIGN TWO COLORS: Convenient for players, rewarding for collectors.
  • HANDLING & PRESENTATION: The air-cushioned surface has dimples to reduce friction for better tactility; the punch-pressed underside helps cards slide smoothly across any surface.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PLANT-BASED INK: yields more vibrant, long-lasting colors on triple-layered black core paper without producing a pungent odor.

Product Details

  • Card Size: 63 * 88 mm (2.48 * 3.46 inch)
  • Button Dimension: 50 * 50 * 3 mm (1.97 * 1.97 * 0.12 inch)
  • Button Material: porcelain
  • Chip Dimension: 40 * 40 * 3.4 mm (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.13 inch)
  • Chip Weight: 14 g (0.49 oz)
  • Chip Materials: clay, PVC
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