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Vermilion Collection

Exile Tarot

Exile Tarot

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The Exile Tarot features a calm yet poignant aesthetics with its gentle color palette and a duo of romantically intertwined designs. "Exile" is a metaphor for life, alluding to the nature of human existence as an unending quest of identity-building and rebuilding: we must break in a labyrinth of trials and errors and mend our fragmented selves in a perpetual cycle of renewal. Each time of bidding farewell brings us incrementally closer to a state of fulfillment.

Dual Designs

To capture this bittersweet journey of growing up, each card is drawn twice. In the "Silent" version, all figures are featureless with erased faces. In the "Awaken" version, they have their eyes open with lively expressions. The names "Silent" and "Awaken" not only describe the characters but also the energy states of each scene. The depiction in "Silent" is dormant with dark undercurrents, while "Awaken" uses more lively and vibrant brushstrokes to depict the same scene, thereby creating two either progressive or complementary visual experiences.

Product Details

  • System: Rider-Waite-Smith
  • Cardstock: 330 gsm German black core paper
  • Finish: air-cushioned linen finish
  • Ink: eco-friendly odorless ink
  • Content: 78 cards + 4 "Ace" replacement cards
SIZE 70 * 120 mm (2.76 * 4.72 inch) 56 * 95 mm (2.20 * 3.78 inch) 40 * 68.5 mm (1.57 * 2.70 inch)
EDGE holographic gilding (black or silver) smooth pressuring smooth pressuring
PACKAGING two-piece rigid box, hot gold stamping tin box w/ lid tuck box
GUIDEBOOK included included not included
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

These cards are beautiful and are an interesting variation on RWS. The accompanying book includes descriptions about the interpretation of each card by the artist. I purchased the Silent deck with the gilding and rigid box. The box is sturdy and the cards have a nice linen texture which doesn't slip easily.


These decks are gorgeous. Not only a physical and aesthetic appeal but an emotional one as well. Well worth the wait of preorder.


Amazing project great themes