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Vermilion Collection

Epigraphic Tarot

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Artwork by WohStudio

The theme of Epigraphic Tarot is history and the passage of time. Inspired by the Code of Hammurabi, a Babylonian legal text composed of c. 1755-1750 BC. It is the longest, best-organized, and best-preserved legal text from the ancient Near East, whose primary copy is inscribed on a basalt stele rediscovered in 1901 at the site of Susa in present-day Iran. The stele now resides in the Louvre Museum.

The card designs are largely inspired by western European stained glass paintings and Celtic art. The Epigraphic Tarot comes in a standard version ("Meteorite") and a mini version ("Sacred Earth").

About the decks
- The deck adopt the Rider-Waite-Smith system, containing 78 cards (Major Arcana + Minor Arcana) and two special cards.
- Card Design: The standard deck is framed on both sides, while the mini deck is frameless.
- Protective Case("Silver Moon") : Only for Standard version. Case with ornamental sapphires, Hot silver stamping and Metallic ink.

{Standard Version}
- With a Protective Case
- Gray tuck box, UV printing, Matte finish
- Black Core Paper
- 70*120mm (2.76*4.72 inch)

{Mini Version}
- Taupe and Brown tuck box
- Black Core Paper
- 40*68.5mm (1.57*2.70 inch)