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Vermilion Collection

Echo of God Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards

Echo of God Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards

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In the dark dungeon of Arkham Asylum, eerie moonlight cascaded upon a twitching skeletal body. Its eyes mirrored nightmarish glyphs against yellow parchments, dancing like phantasmal wraiths. They seemed to form an arcane portal, awaiting the next hapless narrator to stumble upon its threshold…


With self-invented runic symbols being central visual motifs and important decorative elements, this poker collection feature 162 exclusive illustrations of the cryptic Cthulhu Mythos denizensCorrespondingly, the artist created a runic lexicon consisting of 162 glyphs, based on the kind of etches one would find on the cyclopean stones of the sunken R'lyeh. Each rune is an abstract, absurd embodiment of a Lovecraftian entity.

Product Details

The collection includes three editions differentiated by color and packaging design. More importantly, each edition features a unique set of 54 entities, totaling 162 illustrations across all three decks.

  • Size: 63 * 88 mm (2.48 * 3.46 inch)
  • Cardstock: 300 gsm blue core paper
  • Finish: 4C gloss UV varnishing & embossing on both sides
  • Coloring: eco-friendly odorless ink
  • Packaging Material: 300 gsm white cardboard
  • Packaging Design: inside print, matte lamination & blind embossing (parts)

* A full set of three are housed in a side-opening gift box (P22-24).

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