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Vermilion Collection

Eastern Ink Tarot

Eastern Ink Tarot

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This assemblage celebrates traditional Chinese thoughts and philosophies, oriental clothing and artifacts, and animal totems derived from mythical ancient texts. All of these elements are integrated into graceful card designs reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings. In these beginner-friendly decks, you would also see vivid ancient Chinese figures dressed up in traditional costumes and wearing exquisite accessories while learning about numerous Chinese myths and philosophies. 

  • System: Rider-Waite-Smith
  • Size: 66 * 120 mm (2.60 * 4.72 inch)
  • Creators: Ling Zhong, Sasha Graham & Zikang

Standard Edition

  • Content: 78 tarot cards + guidebook (in English & Chinese)

Collector's Box (limited qty. of 2,000)

  • Card Stock: Linen Finish Paper
  • Edge Design: Metallic Blue Gilding
  • Content: Eastern Ink Tarot Limited Edition (78 cards) + guidebook (in Chinese) + themed tarot accessories
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