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Dunhuang Playing Cards

Dunhuang Playing Cards

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Published by Dunhuang Museum and Woh Studio
Printed by KingStar
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Presented by the Dunhuang Museum and Woh Studio, this set of decks is made to celebrate the magnificent cultural legacy of the Dunhuang Mural.

Known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, Dunhuang has a total of 552 caves with more than 50,000 square meters of murals throughout the ages. The artistic diversity and the enormous scale of the murals make the caves legendary.

Buddhist and mythical fantasies make up the majority of the creative components on the decks. There are five versions available, each of which is inspired by and named after a motif from the murals: The Nine Colored Deer, Celestial Souls, Heavenly Performers, The Mythical Beasts, and Cyberpunk Manjushri.

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