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Vermilion Collection

Dragon & Rabbit Zodiac Charms Playing Cards

Dragon & Rabbit Zodiac Charms Playing Cards

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Designed by Jones Ming & Lily Lo

Welcome to a mythical journey combining game strategy, cultural charms, and animal totems! This collection is inspired by the eastern mystic symbols Hetu, Ba Zi, Zodiac, and Five Elements. A functional game piece, an artistic gift, and a charm that brings good luck, this 3-in-1 deck boasts a graceful oriental design, featuring vivid illustrations that capture the distinct traits of the Chinese zodiac animals. From the Dragon's fierce breath to the Rabbit's gentle step, each deck will add an exotic air to your gaming experience.

Product Details

A deck contains 56 singly illustrated cards which showcase a blend of zodiac animals and captivating natural landscapes.

  • Size: 63 * 88 mm (2.48 * 3.46 inch)
  • Cardstock: 330 gsm black core paper
  • Finish: matte finish
  • Edge: rainbow foil gilding
  • Packaging: tuck box, gold foil stamping
2024 2023

Main: Dragons

Jacks: Monkeys

Queens: Rats

Kings: Roosters

Main: Rabbits

Jacks: Pigs

Queens: Tigers

Kings: Dogs

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