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Vermilion Collection

Cyberpunk Mythos Playing Cards

Cyberpunk Mythos Playing Cards

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This collection celebrates East Asian mythologies and the cyberpunk subculture - two seemingly disparate yet both imaginative, thrilling, and controversial realms.

Featuring the exclusive drawings of 30 mythical beings, the decks are illustrated in the trendsetting cyberpunk style, exuding a futuristic vibe and a sense of otherworldliness. The pixelated graphics and boldly altered typography command attention with their striking looks. To complete this mesmerizing fusion, the artists have curated a fierce color palette dominated by vibrant neon hues like electric blue and scorching pink.

Legendary beasts reimagined as heavily modified cyborgs locked up in labs, prowling neon-drenched streets, or watching pensively atop unreachable skyscrapers... With storytelling elements, we welcome you to a gritty, kaleidoscopic, and ultramodern fictional universe that will shake your belief of the future with the mysterious bygones.

Product Details

  • Cardstock: 280 gsm Japanese black core paper
  • Finish: air-cushioning
  • Printer: KSPCC
COLOR orange, yellow red, navy '' pink, purple red, navy blue, navy
PRINT holographic silver cold stamping 4-color spot coloring ''
EDGE holographic gilding (silver stripe) holographic gilding (silver matrix) smooth pressuring smooth pressuring holographic gilding (red glitter) holographic gilding (blue flare)
BOX STYLE expandable '' tuck box ''
BOX DESIGN holographic hot stamping, embossing '' '' ''

Collector's Box

The box includes PENGLAI, FUSANG Collector's, FUSANG Standard, and JIUWEI in addition to a commemorative enamel badge, bookmarks (3), postcards (3), and stickers, included as cherished momentos for collectors.

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