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Vermilion Collection

The Flying Saucer Cyberpunk Playing Cards

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Artwork by KingStar
Printed by KingStar

Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, The Flying Saucer Playing Cards depicts a colorful alien world inhabited by various enchanting, strange-looking futuristic creatures, offering us a glimpse into the artists' imagination world.

This is the first KingStar deck whose making involves all of the hot, cold, and color-changing foil stampings.

The deck comes in two limited editions: Native (1/5000), and Alien (1/1588, available in the gift box only).

Alien Edition
Front Surface Treatment
- High-Accuracy Laser Cold Stamping
- Nebulous Pink & Blue Fluorescent Ink
- Laser Silver Hot Stamping w/ Diamond Splints (Joker Cards Only)

Back Surface Treatment
- Laser Cold Stamping
- Color-Changing Hot Stamping in Fluorescent Cyan & Purple

Edge Treatment
- Color-Changing Hot Stamping in Fluorescent Cyan & Purple

- Cardistry Lamination

- Laser Printing, UV Printing
- Matte Lamination
- Numbered Seal w/ Laser Marking