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Vermilion Collection

Chinese Lunar Mansions Oracle

Chinese Lunar Mansions Oracle

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Designed by Ling Zhong, Xue Wu & Zikang

The stars have been shining brilliantly on the night sky for millennia, and the mundane world have always looked up at them in awe. Over 3,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese embarked on a grand intellectual journey by dividing the celestial expanse into 28 lunar mansions, consolidating their astronomical, philosophical, and cultural achievements as well as their imagination of the sky into an extensive system that holds lasting significance in the minds and hearts of generations of Chinese. This oracle pays homage to this great exemplar of the harmonious unification of wonder, knowledge, and romanticism.

  • Size: 80 * 140 mm (3.15 * 5.51 inch)
  • Content: 28 oracle cards + guidebook (in English & Chinese)
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