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Charmouth Town Cthulhu Hastur Plush Toys & Keychains

Charmouth Town Cthulhu Hastur Plush Toys & Keychains

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Designed by Silver Key Society

Meet Cthulhu and Hastur from the enchanting seaside town of Charmouth! At the heart of this town stands the majestic Mother Tree of Dreams, which feeds on fantasies and nightmares across dimensions. Cthulhu and Hastur are entrusted with the task of entering others' dreams and fulfilling them. Every week, they would gather under the tree, where Chief Bubbly unleash the dreams captured and replay them like a celestial cinema.

Imagine what would happen to have these plush companions right by your pillow or in your bag! Who knows what will unfold in your dreamscape? Welcome Cthulhu and Hastur into your home, and let them guide you through the magical realms of Charmouth, where every dream could become a vivid reality.

Product Details

11 ~ 13 cm (4.33 ~ 5.12 inch) 22 ~ 23 cm (8.66 * 9.06 inch)
FABRIC stretchy ultra-soft polyester velvet
FILLING 3D down cotton premium, highly elastic PP cotton
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