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Vermilion Collection

Boji Blog Lenormand

Boji Blog Lenormand

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Designed by MARVOLI

Hi, I'm Boji, a certified Lenormand counsellor from Planet Marvoli! Using photos from my album, I put together this beginner-friendly Lenormand deck to share some of my most cherished memories: the first time I went camping, traveled alone on a leaf boat, or learned to fly a plane; a cozy afternoon I spent celebrating the arrival of fall, chatting with my girlfriends, or dancing with the clover fairies in the field... These tangible moments of happiness have made me who I am. My hope is that their heartwarming energy will uplift you as well.

Product Details

SIZE 65 * 75 mm (2.56 * 2.95 inch) 38 * 45 mm (1.50 * 1.77 inch)
CARDSTOCK 400 gsm C2S paper 310 gsm German black core paper
FINISH cardistry oiling, air-cushioning cardistry oiling, air-cushioning
PACKAGING two-piece rigid box tinplate purse / keychain
CONTENT 36 Lenormand cards + 4 special cards + pouch 36 Lenormand cards + 4 special cards + toy keychain + cloth + pouch
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