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Vermilion Collection

Bizarre Ink Rune Cards

Bizarre Ink Rune Cards

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Designed by MARVOLI Studio

Runes are mystical symbols used in various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. The most common runic system consists of 24 runes, each of which has a unique sound and symbolic/mystical meaning. The runic alphabet is thus both important as a writing system and a form of divination/magical practice. Runes still hold interest and significance nowadays, especially for those interested in Norse mythology and ancient Germanic traditions.

A rune deck provides a convenient way of working with the runic symbols and tapping into their mysterious energies. Like tarot and oracle, it is used as a divination tool for guidance, meditation, spiritual exploration... When using it, a person may draw one or multiple cards and interpret the meaning of the rune(s) based on their positions with the help of a guidebook.

This rune deck is illustrated with simple, endearing brushwork in the style of cartoon doodling. Each of the 24 Norse runic symbols is associated with a quirky and an adorable cartoon figure. The warm, low-saturation color palette is hoped to have a soothing, therapeutic effect on viewers.

  • Size: 70 * 70 mm (2.76 * 2.76 inch), R10 round corner
  • Cardstock: 400-GSM CAIDIE double-coated paper
  • Finish: matte lamination
  • Packaging Style: two-piece rigid box w/ thumb holes
  • Content: 24 rune cards + 2 special cards (“Blank” + “Odin”) + washi tape
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