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Vermilion Collection

Auspicious Animal Metal Bookmarks (Phoenix)

Auspicious Animal Metal Bookmarks (Phoenix)

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Designed by HYPERION

This design is inspired by the majesty of the "queen of all birds," which embodies the feminine essence on top of other noble qualities.

Often depicted with vibrant plumage, the phoenix is a mythological creature known for its ability to rise from its own ashes, ergo seen as a symbol of immortality and rebirth. It is also a bringer of peace and prosperity. In the Chinese wedding culture, the phoenix represents the bride (while the dragon represents the groom) and is bestowed upon romantic ideals such as marital bliss and fidelity.

Grace your reading experience with this lithe design, in which a perfect marriage of tradition and creativity resides. A bearer of heartfelt wishes, it makes an ideal all-occasion gift for spreading love and kindness.

Product Highlights

  • surface polishing >> minimal damage to book pages
  • anti-oxidation coating >> enhanced durability & wear-resistance
  • 0.3 mm high-precision metal etching >> intricate design with fine details
  • color filling by hands & vacuum-plated sealant >> long-lasting shine & allure

Product Details

  • Bookmark Material: brass
  • Bookmark Size: 70 * 140 mm (2.76 * 5.51 inch)
  • Packaging Material: specialty paper
  • Packaging Style: two-piece gift box
  • Packaging Dimension: 22 * 12 * 2.5 cm (8.66 * 4.72 * 0.98 inch)
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