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Vermilion Collection

Auspicious Animal Metal Bookmarks (Peacock)

Auspicious Animal Metal Bookmarks (Peacock)

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Designed by HYPERION

This design is inspired by the flawless sublimity of the peacock, which looks like a fairy dwelling between pages.

In Chinese mythology, the peacock's iridescent plumage is said to ward off evilness and protect against harm, making it a symbol of not only beauty and grace but also watchfulness and spirituality. Its proud, regal demeanor is associated with honor and dignity as well. In some Chinese folktales, lovers are transformed into peacocks as a testament to their unyielding love. In western cultures, the peacock more widely represents heightened perception and clairvoyance, which stems from the belief that its feathers symbolize the all-seeing eyes.

Grace your reading experience with this lithe design, in which a perfect marriage of tradition and creativity resides. A bearer of heartfelt wishes, it makes an ideal all-occasion gift for spreading love and kindness.

Product Highlights

  • surface polishing >> minimal damage to book pages
  • anti-oxidation coating >> enhanced durability & wear-resistance
  • 0.3 mm high-precision metal etching >> intricate design with fine details
  • color filling by hands & vacuum-plated sealant >> long-lasting shine & allure

Product Details

  • Bookmark Material: brass
  • Bookmark Size: 76 * 140 mm (2.99 * 5.51 inch)
  • Package Material: textured specialty paper
  • Package Style: two-piece gift box
  • Package Dimension: 22 * 12 * 2.5 cm (8.66 * 4.72 * 0.98 inch)
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