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Vermilion Collection

"Arkham's Last Glimmer of Hope" Cthulhu Light-Up Aroma Candle

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100% plant-based, this illuminating aroma candle is created by and for Cthulhu fans in awe of the greatness of the Lovecraftian Elder Deities. The flame, scent, "magical" glow... Science has lent wings to imagination, taking you on an immersive journey.

The candle comes with a metal lid made of zinc alloy. In an elegant fashion, the lid is inscribed with a recreated Necronomicon Elder Gods logo and "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu ftagn!" (Hail! Hail! Cthulhu dreams!), the famous spell used in the summoning of Cthulhu from his watery grave in R'lyeh.

The beautifully illustrated container has a collection value on its own. After the candle burns up, you may do a refill or clear out what's left inside to save the container for regular uses.

The candle also comes with a self-powered illuminating system, which is the highlight of its design. When you light the candle, power is generated as a result of thermal conduction, and the LED strip twined around the cylinder will be activated to illuminate the artwork from behind.