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Arkham's Last Glimmer of Hope Cthulhu Light-Up Aroma Candle

Arkham's Last Glimmer of Hope Cthulhu Light-Up Aroma Candle

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Candlelight flickers in the gust of wind at the moment the Elder Gods befall. To salvage the fragile human race, please tend this last glimmer of hope...

This candle is created by and for Cthulhu fans. Flame, scent, magic glow... Science has lent wings to imagination, taking you on a unique olfactory journey.

Self-Powered Illuminating System

This unique feature relies on thermal conduction. A button battery is planted between the gel and the container. A conduction tube is fixed to the wick's end, which is then connected to the LED strip twined around the cylinder. When you light the candle, power is generated from heat, and the LED is activated to illuminate the artwork on the container from behind.

* Note: Please note that environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and light condition may all affect the LED brightness.

Botanical Essence

The 100% plant-based aromatic essence fosters a kinder sensory experience for your mind and body. Its scent awakes the notion of fresh bitterness while giving a nuanced expression to the spellbinding mystique of Lovecraftian horror.

We found the answer in the wealth of smells nature offers. All ingredients are derived directly from raw botanical sources, offering a rich palette of subtones varying from fruity to herbal to balsamic.

  • Top Notes: bergamot, bitter orange, lime
  • Middle Notes: bergamot, cedar, tea
  • Base Notes: vetiver, musk

Protective Lid

The metal lid helps preserve the scent, keep the wax clean, trap the smoke, and protect the candle from children and pets. It is inscribed with a recreated Necronomicon logo and "la! la! Cthulhu fhtagn!", the famous spell used for summoning Cthulhu from his watery grave in R'lyeh.

Product Details

  • Size: 10 * 10 cm (3.94 * 3.94 inch)
  • Composition: soy wax (110 g), gel wax (140 g), aromatic essence
  • Burn Time: 23-26 hours
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