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Vermilion Collection

Arkham Archives Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards

Arkham Archives Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards

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Designed by Silver Key Society & Magic Cocoon

Where eldritch horrors mingle with adorable caricatures and dread meets delight! This deck is a playful bridge between our world and the arcane dimensions of H. P. Lovecraft, whose "creepy cute" cartoonist strokes breathe a dash of fun into once daunting now irresistibly charming creations.

Bringing forth the quintessence of Gothic appeal, it melds the boundary between the eerie and endearing. The ace, joker, and face cards feature lovely renditions of famous Cthulhu Mythos denizens and Lovecraft himself. Every character retains its signature traits as we pay tribute to the rich descriptions penned in Lovecraft's timeless tales.

Product Details

  • Quantity: 54 cards
  • Size: 63 * 88 mm (2.48 * 3.46 inch)
  • Cardstock: 300 gsm blue core paper
  • Finish: air-cushioning & 4C gloss varnishing on both sides
  • Coloring: eco-friendly odorless ink
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