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Vermilion Collection

Abyssal Dispatch Cthulhu Mythos Postage Stamp Stickers

Abyssal Dispatch Cthulhu Mythos Postage Stamp Stickers

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Designed by CRAFTLOVER

Venture with Abyssal Dispatch back to when the deep seas were a realm of uncharted wonder. See the heart of Cthulhu Mythos through the lens of ancient explorers...

This assemblage is tastefully designed with a vintage seatime aesthetics. Each of the 20 stamps portrays a Lovecraftian character like a fossil picture, transporting you back to a time when every correspondence held a tale of its own. The entire collection paints a flight of fancy about the glorious Age of Discovery, a bygone era filled with the thrill of the unknown.

Product Details

  • Quantity: 20 pcs
  • Size: varied common stamp sizes
  • Material: pearlescent paper
  • Techniques: antique bronzing (postmark)
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