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Vermilion Collection

The Myth of Cthulhu Collectible Coins

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The Myth of Cthulhu is a thematic coin set featuring nine popular characters from the Cthulhu Mythos: Cthulhu, Hastur, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Shantak, Byakhee, and Yig.

The artwork on each coin is 3D-sculpted, allowing you to see and feel all the incredible details. Each coin is 45 mm (1.73 inches) in diameter, 4 mm (0.16 inches) thick, and weighs around 31 grams (1.09 ounces).

These are solid metal coins made of zinc alloy, plated in gold, silver, or bronze. Due to antique plating, the shades may vary from coin to coin, adhering to a natural metal look.

Each set contains 9 pieces and the full sets contains 27 in total.

Proudly put them on display, or enrich your game experience with that satisfying clink and spin.