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Vermilion Collection

"Rainy in R’lyeh" Cthulhu Umbrella

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Created by and for Lovecraftian fans
Shipping in 7 days
750 g (1.66 pounds)
96 cm (37.80 in)

Our Cthulhu umbrellas are created by and for Lovecraftian fans as well as anyone who is intrigued by ancient astronauts, the mysteries of the cosmos, and the universe in general.

The silhouette of Cthulhu is vaguely printed on the canopy as if he has risen from R'lyeh and is watching us from the shadows.

The manufacture of the umbrellas poses several challenges from the very beginning and requires four factories in different fields to work in collaboration. We eventually settled on what we believed were the most reliable and experienced partners among the tens of factories we have reviewed. Throughout the process, we sourced our materials with high standards to further ensure authentic quality.

The gilded handle, made of zinc alloy, is erosion resistant and will not easily tarnish. Moulded into the shape of Cthulhu, the handle is the highlight of the entire design. So that the beauty of every visible detail is smoothly delineated and fully evoked, we moulded the body and the wings separately before assembling them together, in spite of the extra cost and challenge.

The shaft is made of solid wood, which is more durable and graceful than typical metal shafts. Its streamlined design and seamless texture allow it to fit perfectly in your hand for the grip. Inscribed with Cthulhu’s name in gold, the shaft also adds to the antique, mystical aesthetic of the product.

The end tip is singly moulded into the shape of a tentacle, bringing some cuteness to the stylish, classic overall look of the umbrella. The wrap popper is stamped with the logo of the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire Lovecraft created.

Fully automatic and pleasantly convenient, with its understated elegance, this Cthulhu umbrella is on one hand unique enough to showcase personal taste and on the other hand a perfect choice for anyone who would like to maintain their sartorial standards on a drizzly day.