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Vermilion Collection

Lovecraft A-K: Playing Cards of Cthulhu Mythos

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Created by and for Lovecraftian fans
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Inspired by 41 beloved fictions written by H. P. Lovecraft, this is a standard 54-card poker deck featuring exclusive Gothic-style artworks that celebrate the Lovecraftian cosmic aesthetics of horror and fantasy.

The artworks are unique graphic renditions of celebrated fictional works by Lovecraft, including 29 short stories and fragments, 4 novellas, 3 juvenilia, 2 novels and fragments, a prose poem, a letter excerpt, and a pseudo-history.

The Black-Red edition has the classic combination of black and red, which is visually striking and aesthetically powerful. The graphics inherit an intriguing sense of mystique and visual potency with the red's association with passion and desire and the black's dark, sinister undertone.

The limited Black-Gold edition uses a more elegant combination of colors. The foil captures the light perfectly, sending off a luxurious sheen. The use of light gold and the grained finish neutralize the shiny effect of the foil, adding class to the design without stealing its thunder.

The Big Joker card shows Lovecraft's silhouette. A fountain pen is hidden in his bow tie, signifying his status as a great writer. The tentacle crawling out of his breast pocket and the blood-dripping tentacles in the Little Joker card represent the Cthulhu Mythos.