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Vermilion Collection

Mysteries Tarot

Mysteries Tarot

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Myths, religions, Isekai fantasies, the Cthulhu Mythos, the occult... Taking inspirations from diverse origins, this Rider-Waite deck is centered around the idea of "controlled madness" and distinguished by its antique look and solemn mystique.

With light and shadow being central motifs, all illustrations are drawn in black and white with fine point pen. The extensive use of lines for shading and the artist's attention to details establish a sense of order. The restricted palette creates depth and subtlety.

The message behind the deck is that to overcome our deepest fears and negativities, we must first learn to own them. "It is often the people who have the courage to explore the darkness that bring the light for others to follow," said the author. "I hope that by introducing this deck, I can share with you the courage to face darkness and become the light itself."

Product Details

78 + "Dominate" + "Be Born"
78 + "Dominate" + "Be Born" 78
SIZE 80 * 110 mm (3.15 * 4.33 inch) 80 * 110 mm (3.15 * 4.33 inch) 63 * 88 mm (2.48 * 3.46 inch)
STOCK Japanese black core paper 400-GSM double-coated paper 400-GSM double-coated paper
FINISH holographic lamination embossing embossing
SPECIAL COLORING K-100 black ink, metallic ink K-100 black ink, metallic ink K-100 black ink
holographic gilding silver gilding
BOX STYLE two-piece rigid box two-piece rigid box tuck box
BOX DESIGN holographic filming, hot silver stamping hot silver stamping
GUIDEBOOK included included

Gift Box

Made from a mixture of greyboard cardstock, art paper, and EVA foam, the gift box has a sturdy make on top of its neat design. It contains the Light Edition, the Shadow Edition, and two commemorative badges. Matte and holographic laminations are applied on different parts of the exterior to make it look classy and touch classier.

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