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"The Shadow Out of Time" Cthulhu Mechanical Pocket Watch

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Created by and for Lovecraftian fans
⌀46.5 mm
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Our Cthulhu Mechanical Pocket Watch is created by and for Lovecraftian fans as well as anyone who is intrigued by ancient astronauts, the mysteries of the cosmos, and the universe in general.

Introduced in H. P. Lovecraft’s short story “The Shadow Out of Time,” the Great Race of Yith is a prehistoric civilization that populated much of the Earth until their demise in the late Cretaceous era. Their great power derives from their mastery of precognition via time travel.

Having gained an extremely evolved mind, Yithians, a race of sentient beings of extraterrestrial origin, are capable of projecting their consciousness across time and space and inhabiting the bodies and minds of other creatures.

This antique pocket watch inscribed with mysterious totems and scripts may just be the device used by the Yithians to travel across time...