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Vermilion Collection

Broken Mirror Tarot Fifth Edition

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Published by Woh Studio



Broken Mirror Tarot is inspired by the mystique of medieval European stained glass paintings. An art form often associated with Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages, stained glass is known for its bold color statement, intricate patterns, and narrative power, all of which we try to reenact and build upon in this tarot deck. Borrowing from this time-honored art form while “breaking the mirror of conventions” by adding a modern touch to the overall design, we hope to spread an experimental spirit both in cartomancy and in real life.

This deck comes in three variations: Emerald, Sapphire, and Obsidian.

Gift Boxes

“The World”: mini-deck x 6 + “The World’s Eye” badge x 6 + “The Fool’s Mask” metal coin x 6

“The Journey”: Emerald + Sapphire + Obsidian + “The World” + “Light From Under the Dome” epoxy badge