During his study at the Seian University of Art and Design, GIRIGIRI developed interests in Eastern mythology, Japanese Yokai stories, Western astrology, and mysticism. In 2022, he started drawing tarot cards, mainly using watercolors as his medium.

GIRIGIRI is drawn to the unpredictability and fluid nature of watercolors, finding that each image is a reflection of his mood and the circumstance at the time of creation. To him, every drawing represents a personal dialogue and a message intended for the audience. The nuanced visual effects produced by watercolors add an extra layer of depth and meaning to his work.

GIRIGIRI views tarot as a fusion of philosophy and art. Tarot serves as a tool for interpreting philosophical truths through illustrative storytelling while simultaneously revealing the inherent uncertainties of life. He believes that tarot is deeply personal. Different tarot decks are manifestations of their creators’ diverse worldviews.


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