Cthulhu Mythos Cosmicology (CMC) Tarot


Characterized by vibrant comic-style brushwork, CMC Tarot is a Cthulhu-themed RWS deck inspired by the fictional cosmology H. P. Lovecraft created. We have illustrated nearly 100 Lovecraftian characters in hopes of conveying the mystique of tarot through the glory of the Cthulhu Mythos



The Fool - Azathoth "The Blind Idiot God"

The Magician - Yog-Sothoth "The Key and Guardian of the Gate"

The High Priestess - Bast "The Goddess of Cats"

The Empress - Shub-Niggurath "The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young"

The Emperor - Hastur "The King in Yellow" "The Unspeakable One"

The Hierophant - Nyarlathotep "The Crawling Chaos"

The Lovers - Cthulhu, Dagon & Hydra "The Sleeper of R'lyeh" "Father Dagon" & "Mother Hydra"

The Chariot - Shoggoth "Servants of the Elder Things"

Strength - Eibon "The Unfathomable"

The Hermit - Magnum Innominandum "The Nameless Mist" "Milk of the Void"

Wheel of Fortune - Daoloth "The Render of the Veils"

Justice - Randolph Carter "The Reappearing Character"

The Hanged Man - Atlach-Nacha "The Spider God" "Spinner in Darkness"

Death - Tsathoggua "The Black Thing" "Father of Night"

Temperance - Eihort "The Pale Beast" "God of the Labyrinth"

The Devil - Abhoth "The Source of Uncleanliness"

The Tower - Yithians & Flying Polyp "Floating Horrors"

The Start - Color out of Space "Spawn of the Meteor"

The Moon - Moon Beast "The Moon of the Dreamlands"

The Sun - Cthugha "The Burning One"

Judgement - Ghroth "Death Star" "Nemesis"

The World - H. P. Lovecraft "Creator of the Cthulhu Mythos"



CMC Tarot is designed for collection and viewing purposes. The meaning of our illustrations may differ from the original RWS deck's. We do not suggest using CMC Tarot for professional cartomancy.