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Vermilion Collection

The Great Old One: Playing Cards of Cthulhu Mythos

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Created by and for Lovecraftian fans

This 54-cards poker deck features exclusive Cthulhu-themed artworks based on Lovecraftian characters and scenes depicted.

Cards come in high-quality printing with 300-GSM double copper paper embossed on both sides. The finishing is modified to protect the cards against scratches and stay ultra-smooth for playability while bouncing a subtle amount of light off.

We want a less noisy, more classy overall look so that you won't find the illustrations overwhelmingly complicated but rich in details. The background mimics old textured paper and adds a vintage touch.

♠ Ace of Spade: Hohenheim's Heart
♥ Ace of Heart: The Scary Truth
♣ Ace of Club: The Creature from the Woods
♦ Ace of Diamond: The Disciple of the Abyss

2: The Investigators' Heritage
3: Charmouth Village
4: The Deep One's Gaze
5: The Shadow Under Water
6: The Island of Destruction
7: The Last Breath of the Dead
8: The Mountains of Madness
9: The Lighthouse
10: Fish Skull

The Jack, Queen, and King cards (slightly different for each suit) are based on Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyarlathotep.

Finally, the Big and Little Jokers show a colored and a black-and-white silhouette portrait of H. P. Lovecraft, respectively, holding a book out of which tentacles crawl.

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