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Vermilion Collection

Lady Doolli Dress Up & Play Action Figures

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Welcome to the kaleidoscopic world of Lady Doolli! You will be charmed by these adorable, interactive dress-up-and-play action figures. By mixing and matching 12 different hairstyles and outfit sets, you may create endless versions of Doolli with unique vibes…

Product Features

  • Themed accessories are made with impressively realistic details: showcasing Doolli’s all-around beauty in various life scenarios from workplace to road trip

  • 15 points of articulation bringing Doolli to life: perfect for posing and display

  • PVC/ABS material able to withstand daily wear and tear: durable, lightweight, waterproof, safe & odorless

  • Hands-on, photogenic & personalized gift for children and collectors of all ages

Details & Specs

Height: ~ 15 cm (~ 6 inch)

Weight: ~ 85 g (~ 3 ounce)

Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Hairstyle Options

  • HA - Sesame Black
  • HB - Butter Cream
  • HC - Copper Rose
  • HD - Dark Chocolate
  • HE - Sun-Kissed Gold
  • HF - Granny Gray

Outfit Options

  • OA - Office Hour
    (bowtie hair clip, basic tee, blazer, pencil pants & pointed heels)
  • OB - Spring Garden
    (bunny ears, basic tee, puff sleeves, rah-rah skirt, lace trim socks t & combat boots)
  • OC - Afternoon Tea
    (flower hair clip, lace coat dress, shorts, lace trim socks & loafers)
  • OD - A Little Tipsy
    (bucket hat, shawl, cropped sweatshirt, lantern pants, socks & heeled boots)
  • OE - Coffee Break
    (bowtie hair clips, basic tee, fleece jacket, skirt, socks & rain boots)
  • OF - Hittin’ the Road
    (bunny ears, collared sweater, jorts, stockings & sneakers)

Cautions! Please read before using.

  • The product is for ages 14 and above.
  • The package contains two replacements; open them carefully in case they fall out.
  • The package contains small parts and sharp objects. Keep away from children in case of injuries.
  • Assemble, replace, and disassemble after adjusting adjoining parts to perpendicular positions.
  • Do not use brute force or pull parts in unusual directions, in avoidance of deformation or damage.