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Vermilion Collection

Curse of Chaos: Playing Cards of Cthulhu Mythos

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"Curse of Chaos" is a Cthulhu-themed cardistry-level deck known for its majestic look and luxurious feel. A special anti-forgery fluorescent ink is applied on King Star’s signature double tuck box to create a luxurious color-changing visual effect that becomes visible when exposed to ultraviolet light. Both the box and the deck are partially gold stamped; bronzing foil is used to delineate the back design.

“The crystal wall of the universe shattered gradually. ‘It’ was lured into the darkness by the chaotic whispers from the other world. When the pentagram reappears on the earth, all hope is lost. Everything is no longer redeemable. The reversal of the Luen symbol did not merely awaken ‘It.’” A deeper fear has quietly descended.” Be ready to submit to the arriving old gods!